Intratime lets you know what is going on in your business, since you will know how many hours are your employees working as well as where are they located.

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Do not fear labor inspectorates

Companies must keep track of employee hours, in order to ensure control of overtime. This control, according to the National Court, must be performed even in those companies in which no overtime done.

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Attendance monitoring with Google Maps

Clocking through the app will allow you to know the time and place every employee is, since it's integrated with Google Maps and clockings are stored in the cloud.

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Steady or nomad workers

You can clock through the app with your smartphone (those with a flexible workplace) or through the website with your computer (those with a steady workplace)

Useful for any market sector.

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Watch your clockings instantly + Unification

The administrator will be able to audit, edit and output reports of all data.

Easy & intuitive.

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Is it mandatory to have a time control for all employees?

Yes. This control, according to the National Court, must be performed even in those companies in which no overtime done. The judgment, of December 4, 2015, states that registration day, not overtime, is the constitutive requirement to control the excesses of day.

Besides law enforcement in case of labor inspection, have a time control helps me optimize the performance of my company?

To that productivity in your business is optimized, you need a way to regulate working time, and how it works during that time. If you have your office staff, you know perfectly what we talked about, if you are employed, you will be good also to control and to improve your efforts. The most basic thing to optimize the work is to have a schedule control. Control the hours of entry and exit, discounting the times in which you do not work, know where fichan (geolocation) and, therefore, they are used to meet those hours. Intratime is an ideal way to regulate this, recording all the data on your computer or smartphone digital tool. In addition, we give you access to a control panel from a website for you to see everything centralized, you believe reports, add or low-des employees and more.

Who cares about having a schedule control?

Any worker, whether for themselves or for others, whether it is employer or employee. But it is true that is especially well even becomes necessary, to those that work forces them to constant mobilization and supervisors with several workers. Interested parties may also be trademarks, managers, accountants and any freelance worker because they are works 24 hours and sometimes do not know how many hours you work the day after.

Is it worth spending time or money in a time control system?

If you want to increase the effectiveness and avoid penalties course. The expense involved is minimal Intratime (€ 0.99 per user / month) and with little time to get him devote all the necessary data. So with the time control it saves time and money because you will know more accurately the strengths and weaknesses of the different processes of your business points. So you know, register, a user is 30 days free and if you want to try in your business with more than one user s call, we let you try also, we just want you to be 100% sure.

Does the service is economical, safe staying there not?

No, no hay ningún tipo de permanencia, y solo pagas por los usuarios que tengas. Es muy rápido, llámanos en unes horas te lo activamos. ¡Venga, cambia el rumbo de tu empresa ahora!

Control horario con geolocalización